Muvi Marathon 2020

Muvi Foundation started the year 2020 with Muvi Marathon organized in the lush green forests of Chandaka. Chandaka Sanctuary is known for its splendor and pristinely home to many species, particularly elephants. Spread over an area of 193.39 Sq.Km on the up land of North-Eastern Ghats of biotic region, Chandaka sanctuary is a treasure house of biodiversity. The park is known for successful conservation of elephants which is the principal species here. It is also a home to several threatened wild animals and birds.

We kicked off the Marathon in the early morning hours of Saturday, 18th January. It was a pleasant winter morning and the location we used was exquisite. Odisha government has converted a part of the Sanctuary into Botanical garden which is filled with variety of flowers which are in full bloom in winters. The beauty is eye beckoning. Our employees showed up at the decided venue in Muvi T-shirts and caps. Our employees participated in numbers and made the event successful.

An overall distance of 5kms was planned for Muvi Marathon. This Marathon was no ordinary. We had a twist to it. Our Marathon contributed to the environment and our society as well. Our employees plogged their way to the finish line. Plogging is picking up litter while jogging. Our employees not only participated in the Marathon but also cleaned their way through. We provided Trash bags to all employees to pick up the litter and collect them in their trash bags and deposit at end of the Marathon.

All in all, it was a unique event which was contributed to the environment, to the society, to the health awareness! In future, we aim at mass participation from Public in our such events and we plan to conduct these events on a large scale.