Donating Blankets in a tribal village

After a long break due to the Corona Pandemic, we started our social activity programs again for the society with a good note. This time, we thought of donating some warm clothes to some needy people based outskirts of the city. We started early morning, around 8 am on this cozy winter morning. We took help from Chandaka Police station to locate this tribal village. We were fortunate to get the company of 6 police officers to be with us and being a part of this noble cause.

The village named Godibari comes under the Chandaka police station area which is nearly about 25kms away from the main city. People in that village mostly depend on harvesting and hardly having a broken hut to live their livelihood.We took 50 cozy double blankets with us along with some cakes, and juices. We met the MURABI(Commonly known as Pradhan of the village, or leader of the tribal village) who arranged a local school for us to distribute the goods. He also asked one senior member from each family to come and collect the blankets. It was amazing to see a completely different place, isolated from the crowd but hard to realize that we have so many people who are still under-privileged and we have a lot of work to do for them. We also met some kids from the village to whom we gave some cakes and juices.It was an amazing experience altogether.

MUVI foundation always stepped forward to being a part of our society that really needs us to stand by their side. It’s truly said that

Helping others is one of the simplest ways to fill our lives with joy and fulfillment