Installation of the complete solar panel set up in an old age home

Date: 19th November 2021

After a long break due to this pandemic situation, we organized another foundation activity program. Initially, we thought of spending some time with an old age home but when we came to know about their situation, we couldn’t resist ourselves to help them out from their bad situation.
The old age home is located around 10kms away from Rasulgarh and has around 22 abandoned parents. They all have their own struggle stories and all of them suffered a lot in their life. Few have even lost their mental stability after being betrayed by their own children. By God’s grace, they are somehow being spotted by the owner of the old age home, who is a kind person and runs 3 such old age homes on his own with around 74 people.

This old age home is being built in an interior area and they don’t have electricity at all. People who stay there, sleep earlier in the night so that they won’t suffer from the darkness. And during the summer, they used to manage with hand-fans only. Sometimes, they have the generator system only in emergency conditions. We were kind of shocked to know about their situation. In this era of the internet and smartphone, old people are staying without electricity.  
We realized and thought of providing them a permanent solution, by installing the complete solar set-up so that they can have the electricity in their respective rooms.
On the 19th of November, at around 9.30 am, we all gathered in our office and started our journey to the destination. 3 days before, we have started the installation work by talking to a vendor who completely installed the solar panels and established the electricity connection from it. The ground-level works were all completed one day before. After we reached there, we saw the happy faces of all the old people, as they rarely see people around them. 
 They were so thankful and so happy about our initiative to facilitate them with the electricity system. We spent some time there, distributed some sweets and fruits and we happily enjoyed the mesmerizing songs presented by them.
In the end, while returning from that place, the happy faces full of smiles were the rewards of our little help and we felt great to get such an opportunity from the MUVI foundation to celebrate their happiness.