Donation of umbrellas to traffic police of Bhubaneswar & Cuttack, and home guards from CM’s residence

It was a sunny day with a temperature that felt like 45 degrees with very high humidity outside. It was difficult to stay in the sunny hot weather for more than 5 minutes. Imagine, people who stand for 8hours a day in this extremely hot weather, sweating, yet controlling the traffic, to make the transportation smoother for the public! Wearing just a hat doesn’t help them to stand in this unbearable temperature. And hence, we from MUVI foundation decided to extend our helping hand towards donating umbrellas to those fighters.

We started around 10.30 am in the morning. There were around 8 employees from MUVI who came together to be a part of this good cause. We gathered near the commissionerate police headquarters, Bhubaneswar. We have invited the commissioner Mr. Sanjeev Panda to be a part of this program. Gladly, he was so happy to see the quality of the umbrella we gave and he happily stood with us to distribute umbrellas to the traffic police of Cuttack and Bhubaneswar at the headquarters itself. We have given 600 umbrellas to all the traffic police of Bhubaneswar & Cuttack. After finishing up the event there, we started distributing the umbrellas to the home guards who work for our chief minister’s home & secretariat Bhubaneswar. Their job is a 24X7 job and it doesn’t permit them to even move from their designated places, no matter if it rains or sunny. So we helped them too by giving big umbrellas to protect them from the extreme hot temperature. 

We hardly see the smiles on the faces of the police officers, but after giving them the colorful umbrellas, everyone smiled as a satisfied soul, and it made our day. Our event got covered by the local media houses and the PR team of our commissionerate police. We are thankful for their cooperation to make this event happen smoothly.