Muvi Foundation Celebrates a Special Independance Day with Bhima Bhoi School For The Blind

The trees on both sides of the roads were decorated with flowers & light. We could sense the independence in the air by the presence of drums & drills, children’s uniforms, a parade by cadets, & the Indian National flag is ready to be hoisted in every organization & institution. But for us, this independence day was a little special..

It was special because – pupils with whom we celebrated the independence day, the national anthem was playing on a mute mode for them. But they recited it correctly with their sign language. And for some other pupils, the world is dark forever. They don’t know what the flag looks like, what a human being looks like, or what they themselves look like! Yes, we celebrated this independence day with Bhim Bhoi Blind, Deaf & Dumb School, located in the heart of Bhubaneswar. Accommodating around 300+ students from Standard-I to Intermediate(+2), most of them are hostelites. Staying far from their families, trying to work hard, study hard so that they can also have a better life to live!!!

We thought to make this independence day a little extra-ordinary for all the special children by giving them something they normally don’t get. Yes, we distributed a special snack packet that consisted of burgers, cutlets, pastries, etc. Even though they get regular food in their hostel, the menu is mostly limited. Having very limited food options, they were so excited at the thought of having burgers and pizzas for breakfast- things that a regular kid is privileged to have on a daily basis! So we thought of offering these special children something that a kid often loves to have.

We reached the venue at around 6.45 am in the morning & attended the flag hoisting ceremony at the deaf school first. All of us from the MUVI Foundation experienced a silent version of our national anthem for the very first time, but we all could understand every wording in a detailed & clear manner through their sign language. It was truly exhilarating!

Soon after the flag hoisting was done, we distributed the snack packets among the students & staff there. Then we moved to the blind school on the next campus and distributed snacks there. We spent around 2 hours there but it felt like eternity – their warmth and love was spellbinding to say the least!. We bid adieu to all lovable students with a promise to return back to them soon. Their happiness and love was all we gained! 

After this event, we again visited the school after a few days for another activity. the main motto was helping spread the magic of education to all.

“The ability to read, write, and analyze; the confidence to stand up and demand justice and equality; the qualifications and connections to get your foot in the door and take your seat at the table – all of that starts with education.” – Michelle Obama

Yes, education is the basic right of every child. During our last event with the blind, deaf & dumb school, we found out that this year the government has opened the intermediate wing for +2. There are 28 students who came from different parts of the state, most of them belonging to a very poor background. The only way they receive the education is from the classroom and they can’t even afford textbooks. When teachers teach a particular subject to them using sign language, they all try to make some notes out of it and study.

It was our duty to help these needy students. We decided to help them by providing a complete set of textbooks which included, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Arts, language, & IT. By the time we reached the school, the students were so happy that they all were waiting for us to receive the books. The contagious smiles were truly a spectacle to watch!

This may appear as a small thing, but the blessings and smiles we received that day were more precious than anything else in the world! It also provided motivation to us to do good in the coming future. We felt happy that our MUVI foundation was helpful to society in terms of education.